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#1 Did you know...?

The Rural and Northern Health Care Panel was tasked with defining a vision, guiding principles, strategic direction and guidelines to assist Ontario's Ministry of Health and Long Term Care as it addressed quality of care in rural, northern and remote communities.  One of the four main planning standards recommended was that '90% of residents in a community will receive emergency services (7 days a week, 24 hours a day) within 30 minutes travel time from their place of residence'.

With the closure of the Burk's Falls & District Health Centre urgent care facility, the vast majority of residents of the Almaguin Highlands region do not meet this criteria...

Residential LocationTravel time to North Bay GeneralTravel time to Huntsville DistrictTravel time to West Parry Sound Health Centre
South River40 minutes60 minutes80 minutes
Sundridge55 minutes50 minutes65 minutes
Magnetawan80 minutes60 minutes50 minutes
Burk's Falls75 minutes35 minutes65 minutes
Kearney100 minutes40 minutes75 minutes
Sprucedale90 minutes35 minutes45 minutes

However, re-establishing an Urgent Care Centre as part of the Almaguin Highlands Health Centre would ensure that all residents meet this criteria...

Travel time to Almaguin Highlands
Health Centre (Burk's Falls)
South River20 minutes
Sundridge18 minutes
Magnetawan25 minutes
Burk's Falls2 minutes
Kearney24 minutes
Sprucedale14 minutes

(All travel times based on actual drive times under ideal weather conditions)

#2 Did you know...?

...that in the years 2000 through 2009 prior to its closure, the Burk's Falls and District Health Centre's urgent care facility handled between 8,500 and 10,000 patient cases each year?

#3 Did you know...?

...that representatives from the Almaguin Highlands Health Centre campaign will be organizing and attending public meetings between April and August to collect your input and feedback?  And that we have been meeting regularly with local health officials and local healthcare providers to ensure we have a strong business case?